We provide water heater and HVAC equipment rentals and leasing for the following partners


Commercial leasing programs have never been easier. Help your customers replace inefficient, out-of-date equipment with no upfront costs.

New home builders

From water heaters to entire HVAC and water systems, our rental programs help your customers reduce upfront costs.

Manageable monthly payments with flexible terms and comprehensive equipment coverage provide your home buyers with complete peace of mind.

Abode Financial’s rental programs are simple to administer and easy for your customers to understand.

Property managers

Provide your tenants with an affordable rental option to upgrade their inefficient or broken equipment.

Complete repair and replacement coverage means fewer repair calls for you.

Benefit from the tax advantages of leasing as costs become an operating expense for the business.

Why partner with Abode?

Save your
customers money

Make it easier to upgrade their
infrastructure so they can lower their energy costs.

Earn more

Close more sales by shifting some of the upfront costs of your products to smaller monthly payments.

Build long-term

Create long-term service relationships with your customers by utilizing our all-inclusive leasing programs.

Maximize your

Differentiate your business and better meet customer needs with a variety of payment options.